Robert S. Thomas, II, Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Trustee

Dedicated Bankruptcy Trustee 

Robert S. Thomas, II, a dedicated trustee has been appointed by the Department of Justice, United States Trustee’s Office to serve as a Chapter 7 trustee for the Northern District of Ohio, Eastern Division, Akron.  Robert has been a established trustee since 2003.  During this time, Robert has overseen at least 7,000 cases. He administers cases arising in Summit, Portage and Medina County, Ohio.  He also serves, when appointed, as a chapter 11 trustee, disbursing agent or liquidating trustee. He is available for service as a receiver.Robert S. Thomas II,  experience as a bankruptcy trustee makes him ideally qualified to serve as a receiver in Federal Court or as a Court appointed receiver in state court proceedings.

The United States Trustees office appoint and supervise private trustees who administer consumer bankruptcy estates under chapters 7, 12, and 13 of the Bankruptcy Code. Private trustees are not government employees. They do, however, work in concert with the United States Trustee to ensure the efficiency and integrity of the bankruptcy system.

Chapter 7 trustees are often referred to as “panel trustees” because they are appointed by the United States Trustee to a panel in each judicial district. The chapter 7 trustee collects assets of the debtor that are not exempt under the Bankruptcy Code, liquidates the assets, and distributes the proceeds to creditors.

Debtor’s counsel should provide pay advices, tax returns or transcripts, and statements showing the balances in all financial accounts on the date of filing within 7 days prior to the 341 meeting or at the 341 Meeting of Creditors. See Federal Rule of Bankruptcy Procedure 4002(b)(2)(A).  Please be familiar with and ensure debtors’ compliance with Bankruptcy Code § 521 as well asBankruptcy Rule 4002.  First Meeting of Creditors/341 Meeting: Generally the First Meeting of Creditors are scheduled from 9:00 to 4:00 pm, and are generally held bi-monthly on Mondays.

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Bankruptcy Trustee Akron Ohio

Bankruptcy Trustee Akron Ohio

Robert Thomas II is a dedicated attorney in the state of Ohio and proud to help with your needs.